Jayvee Fernandez

Apart from being Technology Editor for the Philippine Star, Jayvee is also a Web3 GameFi project owner at Anito Legends.

GM! Hopefully we’re all gonna make it.

Over the past 3 years I was swept into the whirlwind of Web3. Partly due to the pandemic, and partly due to a longing for the sense of community that I missed back in the Web2 days. Filipinos will always find an excuse to meet in person, and Web3 is no different. Slowly, NFT Twitter avatars melted away to reveal real faces, with me attaching voices I would hear on Twitter Spaces or Discord to a full body at some mixer in Poblacion.

Mysterious NFT artist ‘Aswang’ holds first solo exhibit

Over the past two years, Aswang has become a mainstay in the NFT art space, all while keeping their true identity shrouded in mystery. This month, "I Am Aswang", the artist's first solo exhibit opened to the public, with its culminating night slated for June 24.