BlockchainSpace expanding from gaming to creator economy

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BlockchainSpace (BSPC), considered to be the world’s largest hub for GameFi guilds and gamers, has launched the Creator Circle Program, which aims to introduce creators to Web3, provide education and collaboration opportunities, and help them overcome challenges unique to the market.

BSPC founder and CEO Peter Ing said there is need to empower creators and cater to their distinct requirements, and the expansion into the creator economy “has the potential to significantly impact the industry, bridging the gap between gaming guilds, content creators, and the Web3 space.”

“The Creator Circle has been meticulously designed to provide a customized approach and an array of exclusive benefits tailored to content creators, acknowledging the considerable differences between their needs and those of guild owners,” Ing said.

“Moreover, the program will incorporate a badge system to foster and reward engagement within a content creator’s community, further enhancing the overall experience and bolstering creator-audience connections,” he said.

He assured the BSPC is adding the new market vertical without losing its focus on providing gamers and guilds the best community tools and educational resources to scale in the metaverse.

He said innovative initiative will operate in tandem with the established GameFi-centric Guild Partner Program to ensure the specific needs of both sectors are addressed.

Blockchain technology, the driving force behind innovations such as DeFi, NFTs, continues to make significant strides across various industries, from revolutionizing the art world to redefining data privacy, thus the move to expand to the creator economy, he said.

BSPC’s expansion involves introducing creators to the world of Web3 without overwhelming them with its technicalities, Ing said. 

Enhanced asset ownership in gaming, empowering communities through shared values, and aligning creators and audiences will be key components of the process. 

He said NFTs, DeFi and blockchain solutions will be gradually unveiled to create a seamless experience for creators.

“Expanding into the creator economy isn’t a pivot for us; it’s a natural market expansion that follows the same model we’ve been using in GameFi. We see a powerful trifecta in both spaces, consisting of the community owner, the brands, and the community itself,” Ing said.

“By entering this larger market, we’re amplifying the potential of our products and services, allowing us to cater to a wider audience, ranging from mainstream brands to independent creators, all while empowering them and their entire communities,” he said.

BSPC plans to expand into the greater Southeast Asian region and beyond by doubling down on its previous work and leveraging the successes and lessons learned from GameFi ventures, Ing said.

Joseph Josue, CEO of Metasports, backed the BSPC’s vision saying “Metasports and BlockchainSpace are committed to creating more access to financial tooling globally, as we believe it’s a critical factor in providing longevity for creators.”

“Web3 enables global access to financial infrastructure, empowering communities and ensuring that creators can continue to thrive. While we may not yet fully grasp the vast potential of this tech, we’re confident that it will play a significant role in shaping the future of the creator economy and fostering sustainable success,” Josue said.

For creators willing to put in the time and effort, there are opportunities to build a personal brand and a community of supporters. However, success in the creator economy requires consistency and discipline. Creators must continually produce content to maintain their relevance and build a lasting presence in the industry, they said.

Aspen Sanez, head of marketing at BlockchainSpace, said, “By taking what we’ve learned from the GameFi economy and bringing the best of that world to the creator economy, we are creating a system where everyone is rewarded for engaging in or propagating the creator’s content. Everyone involved will share in the success of that creator.”

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