FIBA global partner J9 celebrates 12 years of innovation in gaming

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Philippines-based online betting platform, cryptocurrency innovator, and FIBA global partner J9 shares their reflections at the end of their 12th anniversary celebration.

The tiger crosses the pass and the rabbit takes on a new journey, and everything begins to change. In the past twelve years, our J9 brand has continued to stand as a benchmark in the industry, demonstrating its charm, as well as its soft and hard power. It is only after climbing to the top can one appreciate the extraordinary scenery. Since the combined impact of the epidemic and the general environment, the development of the industry has been on thin ice. However, the J9 brand does not fall back. Instead, it strives for perfection in every strategic conception, every detail implementation, and every experience improvement, presenting a fairer and more open perfect game experience to all new and old users. This has been consistent throughout.

In photo: Benson Yong –  AG COO; Sean Lee – Sales Director; Anderson Lau – Marketing Director ; Luna Chen – Client Relations Director ; Helena Wong – Public Relations Director

Looking back on the 12-year history of AG Asia Games J9 – in 2011, AG Asia Games fully deployed its live game business; in 2012, the AG New World Hotel/AG VIP Room was grandly opened; in 2013, it was the title sponsor of George Lam World Tour Concert; in 2014, it was the title sponsor of the TOPKING World Muay Thai Tournament; in 2015, it was the title sponsor of the Macau Grand Prix; in 2016, it appeared at the British Global Premium Gaming Exhibition; in 2017, AG’s unique new game “Baccarat” was launched; in 2018, AG European Hall was officially launched; in 2019, the AG brand appeared on NASDAQ in the United States and the AG brand upgrade ceremony and Huading Awards Ceremony were held in Macau; in 2020, the “Lottery Tickets Collection” campaign was launched, giving away million-dollar luxury cars every month; in 2021, Gabriel Batistuta served as J9 brand ambassador; it signed a contract with FIBA and become one of the world’s top ten strategic partners; in 2022, basketball events such as the FIBA Asian Cup, European Cup, and America’s Cup were held; in 2023 when the FIBA World Cup kicks off, J9 brings the Gold Cup to 33 countries around the world and becomes the exclusive global betting partner of the 2023 FIBA World Cup. Over the years, the J9 brand’s global exposure has been eye-catching, which also reflects the brand’s vitality!

Before this grand ceremony, the J9 brand’s future and development is full of challenges. Therefore, it needs to pay more attention to global brand building and strategic planning for international development. If the contract signing with FIBA to become one of FIBA’s top ten partners is something that can be replicated, then what J9 demonstrates at this moment is the alternation of time and space, the trust and patronage of its customers over the past 12 years, and the irreplaceability of the brand.

At the celebration of the 12th anniversary of the J9 brand, we commemerate three chapters:

  • Gabriel Batistuta’s Contract Renewal Ceremony
  • Brand’s 12th Anniversary Review and Celebration Ceremony
  • J9 & FIBA Global Basketball Babe Selection Contest

These were carried out separately, and multiple interactive contents were integrated at the same time, making the event more aesthetic. The event combines the tonality of the venue and adopts an immersive stage experience. The event site surrounded by large arc screen or three-dimensional screen T-ramp design and holographic projection technology was jointly created by production team director and lighting engineer, integrating guests into the stage and making them part of it. At the same time, a themed exhibition area for the 12th anniversary was created matching the tonality of the event. They have also specially invited AG official female hosts and KOL social influencers to live stream the grand occasion. As a brand ambassador who perfectly fits the characteristics of the J9 brand, Gabriel Batistuta has joined forces with the J9 brand to create brilliance together. In the part of the global basketball babe selection contest that everyone is looking forward to, under the dynamic modern dance performance, the guests felt the beauty of exotic customs, and the light show also mobilized the ambiance. The J9 beauties also showed their beauty through lively jersey outfit and sexy evening wear on the T-ramp.

Time flies and brings about prosperity and growth; several years of hard work has borne fruitful results. The live games between the red and blue teams, they are racing to win the game. We have been on the same road through wind and rain for more than ten years, dancing together to win the future. The tenacity of grass can only be seen in the strong wind, and the authenticity of gold can be discerned only when it is tempered in the fire. A knife’s edge needs to be sharpened before it can be used, and jade needs to be carved before it can be made into a piece of art. This is how the J9 brand has gradually become what it is today – the No. 1 brand in live games. Only those who do what others cannot easily do are the real heroes, and only those who can withstand the strong waves will become famous. In the sparkling Manila Bay, the sun is gradually setting, and the 12th anniversary celebration of the J9 brand has also come to an end. We believe this is the beginning of a more brilliant future, and look forward to a more brilliant morning glow tomorrow!

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