Bitskwela launches Bitdigest, aims to combat misinformation in the crypto space


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A 21-year old Franchezka Zapanta and 24-year old Jiro Reyes put their minds together to combat one of Web3’s most nefarious foes – misinformation. Cryptocurrency, in its infancy stages, was once filled with promising opportunities for wealth and innovation. However, there are more chances of wealth being swept away by bad actors due to mass misinformation and stigmatization. These two Web3 builders, with their experience in Web3 content and education, decided to band together and form a credible media arm to combat misinformation and provide valuable news and content for the masses. They decided to build Bitdigest, Bitskwela’s sister company. 

On March 23, Bitdigest officially launched its platform in a grand event in partnership with Globe Telecommunications. Bitdigest is a Web3 media company that aims to empower Web3 enthusiasts with content on new products, advancements, and updates, to both informed users and beginners seeking to enter the world of Web3. Importantly, Bitdigest ultimately aims to deliver accurate news and updates in Web3, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technology.

The Bitdigest Grand Launch kicked off with Bitdigest Co-Founder, Jiro Reyes, with his open remarks on the start of Bitskwela’s media arm and the need for a Web3 media that tackles important Web3 news where all are able to understand whether one is an expert in Web3 or a novice.

Jiro Reyes, Co-Founder of BitDigest

The event progressed with a fireside talk with prominent Web3 Leaders who have found success in spreading Web3 information and content creation. The speakers include: Jen Bilango from, Real talk Darbs from House Creatives, and Janjan Quilantang from CryptoPinas, moderated by Camille Puentespina, CPTO of Bitskwela. The topics included issues in cryptocurrency, Web3 education, and dangers of misinformation from Web2 to Web3.

From left to right, Real talk Darbs, Jen Bilango, Camille Puentespina, Janjan Quilantang

The grand launch of Bitdigest not only served as a milestone, but the start of the end of Cryptocurrency’s stigma. The Web3 leaders in the fireside talk were not only present to celebrate the launch of Bitdigest, but also express their aligned interest to make cryptocurrency both safe and popular through information and education.

This was followed by Franchezka Zapanta, the Co-Founder of Bitdigest, sharing her thoughts and vision for the future of Bitdigest. Powered by Globe, the Bitdigest Grand Launch was massively successful and a step forward for the vision of a Web3-informed Philippines. 

Franchezka Zapanta, Co-Founder of BitDigest

This grand launch marks the start of a platform dedicated to upholding the vision of a Web3-informed Philippines. Bitdigest aims to guide its readers on how to navigate the complex world of Web3, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technology by making news and content comprehensible for all.

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